– Automatically Update Your PC Software


The Merit team have recently stumbled across a piece of software whilst looking for updates to something as simple as Windows Media Player. The latest version of WMP is version 11 and we were running version 9.

A website called Filehippo has a built in online updater which displays it’s results in a web browser. Once installed, the software searches your computer for any free programs you have installed and displays them all neatly, showing clearly the version your PC has installed, and a direct link to the latest version, so you can easily update them.

If you were to run this program just once a week, you can keep your PC up to date with the minimum of fuss. It’s another step towards optimising PC performance, which is something the Merit Blog will be focussing on over the next few entries amongst other items.


1. Visit

2. It may be worth downloading the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 software in case your PC does not have this installed as the Filehippo Updater requires this. There is no harm in checking this.

3. Once step 2 is complete, download the Filehippo Update Checker and run the application.

4. Your web browser will display the results in a cascading fashion and you can update your computer as you see fit.


The great benefit of this software is that by running the application, it actually brings the updates to you, rather than having to trawl your PC for the applications and checking the updates yourself, saving you valuable time.


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